Give me a minute guys. I'm a man, I can't do two things at once. The sales page about BPW booze will be up soon; in the meantime, feel free to drop me a line if you're thirsty... 




Look, don't get me wrong - I love a phenomenal life-changingly awesome bottle of wine. You know, those special bottles from the cellar, cost an arm and a leg. But that's only part of the story. Wine doesn't always need the wank factor. Brown Paper Wine is my collection of good honest booze, ideal for any occasion. After all, its not about the wine, its about the time.


Non-Vintage Sparking | The sparkling wine I serve to celebrate the engagements, marriages and births that make life worthwhile. Fresh, dry and soft as a feather - perfect for any celebration, such as 5pm Friday | $17/bottle


2017 Pinot Grigio | That freshness and zing of citrus and pear. Clean, dry, drinkable. Like water, but fun | $17/bottle


2016 Sauvignon Blanc | A blast of passionfruit, citrus and grassy delight. Flavour, freshness and genuine drinkability... becuase the Kiwis can't have it all their own way! | $17/bottle


2016 Rose | Watermelon and cherry blossom leap from the glass, a hint of spice and soft strawberry notes too. Moorish flavour of pomegranate and watermelon. A perfectly balanced example of Barossa Rose | $17/bottle


2014 Shiraz | Cherry, chocolate, hints of coconut. Perhaps a cherry ripe by another name. Flavoursome, gluggable; with food or without. Perfect for the healthy non-drinking pizza nights | $17/bottle


2014 Cabernet Merlot | If a plum and blackberry got it on, the lovechild would be this Cab Merlot. Soft, juicy, with a hint of spice - ideal with your Mum's lamb roast | $17/bottle


2015 Sangiovese | Classic notes of rustic sour cherry and a hint of herbaceouness. Fine tannins and drying acidity. Begging for pizza, pasta and tomato based dishes | $17/bottle