What is important to me?


Family, friends, drinks with mates,

Loud dinner parties, long lunches.


Great food and better company,

Laughter and rollicking conversation.


Time spent with people who mean the world to me.


That’s what I’m about,

That’s what wine is about.


So I went out and sourced parcels of awesome wine,

Wine I want to share, wine I’m proud of.


Wine you’d be proud to share too.




What does Brown Paper Wine do?

I cut my teeth by hosting wine events, dinners, tastings, Hen's parties too... geez I've hosted Hen's parties alright, its okay Mum, I remained fully clothed.

After years and years of events and finding hidden gems and bargains for family and friends, in 2013 it was time to release my own brand. Brown Paper Wine is my range of honest, bloody good drinking booze. All these wines have been road tested, proven winners by my nearest and dearest.

But that wasn't enough! I needed to go to the next level, so in 2017 I released Farrier's Yard - my specialist selection of wines that ring true to variety and region. Wine I'm proud to share with those that support me.